Business activity

Plant commodities
• Buying and selling of soya, rape and sunflowers pollards
• Buying and selling of corn, oil, leguminous and technical products including camion’s and rail’s transport
• Supplying of mills and feedings mixtures production
• Selling of sowing seed

Feeding mixtures
Consulting of the animal’s nourishment. We offer full feeding’s mixtures and concentrates open or in packs:
• for pig’s breeding
• for pigling´s breeding
• for pig’s feeding
• for poultry feeding – chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys
• for rabbit’s breeding and feeding
• for pheasants and Japanese quails

The next we offer complement feeding mixtures and concentrates:
• for pigs
• for piglings
• for milk-cows and heifers
• for high productive milk-cows
• for horned cattle feeding

We offer the feeding mixtures according to your wish – loose or granulated (2,2 mm) for young or 4 mm for grown-up animals.
We offer fattener salt, mineral mixtures, edible soda, or we can mix it into corn-pollard.
We offer full consulting service. We can give you full advice for optimum feeding quantity for cattle and pigs to get maximum production according to the expense.
We ensure the transport of open or sacked mixtures till to the asked place of our customer.
We want to aid fill topical problem of animal’s feeding.

Agricultural chemistry
Good’s assortment:
• all kinds of licensed preparation for plant’s protection
• all sorts of industrial fertilizer including special fertilizer
• device of preservation and disinfections

• application of pesticides, fertilizer liquid and limy substance (mass)
• whitewash
• stock’s disinfections

Agricultural machines
Agricultural machines assortment:
• tractors
• cutters
• drills
• reap threshing machine
• fodder reap machines
• manipulators
• feeder-mixed-vans with perpendicular screw
• soil-cultivator
• motor oil, gearbox oil, nonfreezing mixtures
• spare parts

Grant services:
• professional guarantee and post-guarantee service
• repairing of trucks
• training courses for machines operators
• advantageous leasing
• consultancy for agricultural machines

Selling of fuels
The selling is realized as far as to the places of destination (transport is include).

Complementary feeding for farm animals

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